One month old newborn photoshoot

Photographing newborns in Jersey City in the Newport Babies Photography studio I meet families from many different traditions and origins. For this reason a lot of newborns I photograph come in at a month due to spiritual and cultural beliefs that compel moms to stay home for the first 30-45 days. Photographing one month olds takes a great deal of patience and skills I have built through years of photographing older babies. Often times they are easier to wake and take longer to rest and pose so these sessions run longer than typical newborn sessions.

I had the pleasure of meeting this one month old from a part-Jamaican family here in the Newport area of Jersey City. This sweetheart photographed so well in many different colors, it was a pleasure creating setups in yellow, purple, pink, and blue. What is your favorite color for newborn girls? Comment below!



Maternity Shoot at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Join Newport Babies Photography for another maternity shoot at Brooklyn Bridge Park, the last of summer! We enjoyed ice cream and cold drinks as the temperature was in the 90’s. However, a nice breeze and the cool of approaching night gave our pregnant mom a nice respite during her shoot. She looked stunning in coral and lavender and nothing was so heartwarming as the beautiful bond she shared with her husband. I could tell by their shared laughter that they would be fun parents! Cannot wait to see the next half of their journey. Gown by Mii Estilo and makeup by our in house artist Donna Shaw.

Sunset Maternity Shoot at Belmar Beach

One of the best times to photograph pregnant couples is the hour or two before sunset, known as the “golden hour”. I recommend my clients use this time for their photos because they can enjoy the beautiful colors as the sun sets and the golden halo it creates. This couple just looked so beautiful as the pink colors of sunset matched the mom’s pink dress and the pink dress from my studio made by Sew Trendy Accessories. This shoot was taken at Belmar beach, one of several different beaches I use. The advantage of this beach is the gorgeous light sand as well as the pier which is fun to use for playing around and posing. Inquire at or to find out about locations near you, we have locations near Short Hills, Millburn, Jersey City, Hoboken, and New York City that are just as stupendous!

Natural Newborn Photography

Natural newborn photography to me means a lot of naked babies! However, just because babies are naked does not mean they are easy to photograph- that’s where my expertise comes in as lead photographer at Newport Babies Photography.

Newborn skin is so buttery soft and glowy, yet often it has a lot of issues like jaundice and pimples that are concerning to parents who come in to have their babies photographed. I tell parents not to worry- we will celebrate birthmarks and anything that doesn’t stay with their baby they can choose to have removed. I have the skill to remove blemishes, flakes, mottled skin, and jaundice. However, I always give parents the choice because sometimes those details are what makes this time special! Flaky skin in particular is a hallmark of newborn-ness and someday moms will forget how fragile that sweet baby skin was, which is why I love to capture it for them! Newborns who come to my Jersey City studio can enjoy all these looks and many more, including composites like the beautiful log photo below.

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Classic ONE photoshoot

Turning one is a momentous occasion. While I love celebrating it with creative cakesmashes, classic ONE shoots can also be equally amazing and fun! This little guy had such a great personality and loved smiling for the camera. He had fun playing with number blocks, our vintage truck, balloons, and confetti on the barnwood backdrops in studio. He was especially delighted to sit in his parents’ laps, making us all giggle! This little man hailed from Hoboken, one of my favorite places on the planet. So excited to see him in studio!

One year old having a whale of a time!

This one your old had a whale of a time smashing his cake in this whale-themed cakesmash! The cake was provided by Sweet Hoboken emulating a photo the client provided. This baby looked so good in the nautical set with all his charming pudgy-cheek smiles.  While he wasn’t too keen on cake (he is a healthy eater!) his brother was eager to help out and feed him (and himself!). This family came to my studio in Jersey City and wanted not only smashcake photos but their first ever family pics to commemorate the big milestone. Families from Millburn, Short Hills, and Edgewater come to my studio for these special occasions so that we can custom create an amazing set and give them not only photos but memories to cherish. Many thanks to this family for choosing me for this momentous (and momentously messy) occasion!




Newborn Session in a New Home

One of the greatest joys in life is welcoming your newborn home. Another great joy is making a home with your spouse. This brave couple took both leaps in their life at the same time- welcoming their baby home within a month of moving in. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph some of their first ever memories in their new home and with their new baby to capture these special times! I traveled to Piscataway from my Jersey City studio as I often go on the road for shoots so my clients have an option of the studio or the comfort of their own home.

This baby’s nursery was lion and safari themed- so we dressed the baby up to suit! Roar little lion!



Peony and Roses Themed Cakesmash

June is peony season and I had great fun setting up this peony and roses themed cakesmash in Jersey City to celebrate the time of year. This angel from Hoboken wore one of our many gorgeous outfits in studio, a peony romper with tutu by Monica Dragan at Fancy Shamncy. The backdrop by Heidi Hope is one we are proud to offer at Newport Babies Photography as an exclusive Heidi Hope design partner. The nude cake with florals was made by Sweet Hoboken one of our preferred bakeries. From outfits to cakes to setups I love to coordinate cakesmashes so families can just show up and enjoy watching their littles be little!

What to wear to your summer shoot

As a full service photography studio, we are frequently asked by clients what they should wear to their shoots. The right outfit can add a lot of style and personality to your session.

The answer to this question depends a lot on personal style and on the shoot location. A city shoot vs a nature shoot command different clothing- just as you would wear different clothing to either place on an everyday basis. How casual and how formal you desire your shoot to be also affect clothing choice- this should reflect your personality and what you hope the final look to be. Feeling comfortable and beautiful in the clothing you pick is utmost so that your inner self can radiate. Clothing should be new or new-ish and ironed.

For summer we have prepared a board below with tips to help you out for our waterscape backdrop, Belmar beach sessions, and summer family outdoor sessions at the parks in Short Hills, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Central Park.

You may also check out our summer pinterest board for more inspiration and links to some outfits you can actually buy.

For our upcoming fall shoots, we have a fall inspiration board as well. For fall think texture- chunky sweaters, leather boots, raw cotton, textured scarves, and layering. Avoid matchy-matchy looks and stick with oatmeal, burgundy, heather grey, mustard yellow, deep browns, and cream colors.

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Introducing our new membership!

We have some news to make you smile! Newport Babies Photography is rolling out perks to thank our loyal customers.

We are so thrilled for our clients that have chosen us to capture some of the most important moments in their lives photographing their newborns, babies, and little children! To thank them we have two different levels of membership:

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Platinum Member
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Membership is a great way to maximize the different stages you have professional photographs for in your babies’ lives. for details  to book your next session and qualify for membership!